Irwin Business Machines

811 West Sheridan Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73106

Toll Free: 866.274.5252

Local: 405.235.0481


About Us

From the concourse of the Liberty tower, Irwin Business Machines began operations in the spring of 1973.  Bob Irwin had just left the comfort of a corporate Job with the Monroe Company and decided to try it himself. The product line was short, Canon calculators and the goal was simple, earn a living for the Irwin’s. Over the years, the product offering has increased, gradually at first until today where multiple manufactures are represented in several product lines and dozens of hardware and software solutions.

Despite having a broad list of equipment to sell, the idea Bob started with is still at the core of his thinking today; keep it simple and communicate with your customers. For Bob, it’s really that simple, even today, his customers are not surprised when they see him show up in their office, delivering a supply, accompanying a technician or yes, carrying a brochure on something aimed at helping the client. Whatever the reason, his real mission is to keep in touch with the customer, his customer. 

Another way Bob stays in touch is through his resistance to voice mail. "People don’t like talking to voice mail!" insists Bob Irwin. In fact, don’t be surprised if Bob himself picks up the phone. One reason he sometimes answers the phone is curiosity, a quality that keeps Irwin Business Machines on the leading edge in their industry. Visit with him and see, he’ll not only tell you what is available today, he’ll inform you of where the industry is headed and what’s new on the horizon.

To find out what it’s like to do business with a company whose founder is intimately involved with all the companies operations, Irwin Business Machines and Bob Irwin are ready to take your call!